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LS Web Services offers two web hosting packages to cater for different websites. These packages use Solid State Hard Drives to provide the best preformance for your website. We take daily backups to ensure your website can be restored if something goes wrong and we provide free SSL certificates to help secure your website!

Our starter package is great for small to medium sites that don't require as much power. Our Premium package offers more support and guidence from ourselves and is more like managed hosting where you could leave us to do more of the hard work. This package also comes with a free domain name to get you on the go quickly! You may notice our packages are not unlimited, this is because we believe there is never really unlimited. However we will always work hard to ensure that no site runs out of space, bandwidth and emails.

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Our Hosting Plans

Budget Package


Monthly Price: £4

3GB SSD Storage

3GB Bandwidth

Free SSL Certificate

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Premium Package


Monthly Price: £7

5GB SSD Storage

5GB Bandwidth

Free UK Domain*

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