About LS Web Services

LS Web Services

LS Web Services was set up by two likeminded individuals who share a passion for web design and development. Luke and Samuel have various skill sets, so by purchasing web design and hosting through LS Web Services you’re getting two web specialists for the price of one.

Lukes chatty personality ensures you’re always up to date with your project, with various catch ups before, during and after the project. If you’re looking for social media exposure, then he is your man! Luke has been building websites for business and organisations for several years. Starting off creating small personal websites, then progressing onwards to bigger projects for organisations. In his spare time, he’s a famous fisherman and you’ll find him with his tackle out on the local fishing banks of Bath and beyond (Samuel never believed that Luke was famous, until someone recognised Luke in the street from YouTube).

Samuels technical and coding knowledge is right up there! He ensures that the functionality of the website works great for everyone and all possible avenues are explored. This ensures your website is built just how you need it! His advanced knowledge of web technologies helps to keep websites up to date and running well. You’ll often see him at a web conference, or drinking a hot chocolate at Society Café (He 100% recommends this).

Picture of Luke Picture of Samuel

Samuel & Luke offer an affordable hosting solution for small to medium size businesses with a competitive price. Your website will be hosted on a high-end webserver with SSD storage and powerful processors to ensure your site functions at its very best. The systems are monitored 24/7 and any technical issues are quickly acted upon, ensuring your website is always online.

LS Web Services is in no way the next Google, Apple or Facebook. They are a small team working to design and build affordable websites that work.